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Privacy policy

Empyrean Dragon collects personal information when you send us a message via email or our form and when you order services from us. We will keep that information confidential and it will be used only by Empyrean Dragon and its authorized representatives for the purposes of communicating with you regarding your service (including billing, invoicing, quotations for requested services, technical support, general announcements, requests for feedback, and our contract) or whatever you sent us a message about. By providing us with this personal information, you agree that we may contact you directly for those purposes.

We won't sell or release your personal information to anyone without your consent (with exception as required by law). There are third parties to whom your information may need to be provided; these include with regard to registering website names (domains) and creating hosting, advertising, and commerce accounts on your behalf.

Why a website?

Most people will encourage individuals and businesses to have a website because it's a dynamic advertisement. That is, of course, a good point. If you are in business and without a website, you should reconsider that. Even if you are up to your ears in business, a website helps to build your reputation and even helps people remember how the heck to contact you to arrange for your product/service.

It can be so much more, though. There's a sense of pride in having a beautiful website that is about you or yours. You can keep in touch with family (if you have family you like), you can chronicle the building of your own family (such as a new baby), you can keep a journal about your own life, or you can start the novel of your dreams through an occasionally-updated weblog. You can choose to showcase a talent of your own or start selling as a hobby. Or you can choose to learn about the process of website building and end up with a site you can update yourself (if you can't already).

For every person or business, there is a good reason to have a website. It just takes a little exploration to figure out what that reason is.

How much for that website?

That depends. We hope to have a menu soon that will show you exactly what you will pay for each individual service. This section will be updated as necessary.

However, something to keep in mind is that there are lifetime maintenance costs for a website. The cost of maintenance varies with the number of updates that are requires and the resources that the site needs.


"Web hosting" or simply "hosting" refers to renting out space where the site lives, or the computer that serves it to the world.

A gentle reminder about web development

Please remember that having your website professionally developed means that there will be a lot of work for you as well. You will need to be available often so that you can critique designs and provide content, as well as participate in the shaping process of your new website. Don't worry, this can be done via email communication.


As of June 27, 2008, our default browser compatibility standards (defined as "your site will look shiny in this browser") are as follows:

  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Firefox 3
  • Opera 9

If you request, we can also make sure your site looks shiny or at the very least is accessible in the following:

  • Internet Explorer 6
  • Firefox 2
  • Safari 3 for Windows
  • Safari for Mac

If we're hosting your site, we can give you information about how many of your visitors are using which browsers.

In addition, we design with the following minimum compatibility in mind:

  • viewable/usable on 800x600 screen resolution or better
  • viewable/usable with a 56k internet connection or better

If the audience of your website would be better served by a different standard, we will go with that. For instance, photography portfolios may not be extremely comfortable for the 56k user. Some sites will need to be usable at a lower resolution or have additional accessibility features utilized to provide for audiences with special needs. Just let us know!